About Us

Get Safe Online is the leading source of unbiased, factual and easy-to-understand information on online safety in the Pacific region. Joining nine other Commonwealth countries in the Pacific, your Get Safe Online Cook islands website is an invaluable resource providing practical advice on how to protect yourself, your family, your finances, devices and workplace against problems encountered online.

It contains guidance on many other related subjects too – including remitting money safely, performing backups and how to avoid theft or loss of your computer, smartphone or tablet. Every conceivable topic is included on the site, so now you really can stay safe with everything you do online.

Based on the highly respected Get Safe Online website which has been helping people to protect themselves in the United Kingdom since 2006, this site is funded through the UK Commonwealth Cyber Security Programme, working in partnership with your own Government.

The advice we provide is both authoritative and practical, written by online safety and security experts and free to use.